12 Common Causes Of Blindness

Blindness is known as the state of being sightless in both of the eyes. A totally blind person is not able to see anything, even light. The term “blindness” is commonly used to signify low vision or visual impairment in one or both eyes. This means that even with contact lenses, eyeglasses, medicine or even surgery, an individual does not see well. The terms blindness and blind have been modified to contain a large range of visual impairment. A visual impairment is any visual condition that impacts an individual’s ability to successfully complete the activities of everyday life.

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Color Vision

The inability to distinguish certain shades of color is referred to as Color Deficiency aka#ColorBlindness.….….“About 8% of Caucasian males are born with some degree of color deficiency. Women are typically…
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Dry Eye

Burning, red, gritty, scratchy, blurry vision and watery eyes are just a few of the symptoms from Dry Eyes and #ArtificialTears are just One of the many ways to treat it!….#DryEye is a condition…
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