Can I lose a contact lens behind my eye?

Can I lose a contact lens behind my eye? The short answer is NO. The conjunctiva, the tissue that cover the white part of the eye (the sclera) forms a cul-de-sac between  the edge of the cornea to the eyelid margin. Sometimes, a contact lens, especially a soft lens may roll up and become difficult to find. If that happens, go see your eye doctor immediately for help.

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5 Simple tips to properly clean your contact lenses

There are many reasons why you might prefer contact lenses to standard eyewear. This may include a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription Sun wear spectacles and goggles, or the convenience of not having to worry about misplacing your glasses. To enhance your experience wearing contact lenses, it’s important that you clean them property as often as recommended by the lens manufacturer. If you get in the habit of cleaning your contacts, your eyes will feel more comfortable. This article offers practical tips to clean your contact lenses properly.

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Buying Costume Contacts?

Colored contact lenses are sometimes the perfect final touch to take a Halloween costume to the next level. Unfortunately, not all costume lenses are created equal — or with equal concern for wearer safety. With Halloween coming up, we want to give all of our costume-loving patients some guidance on how to find great costume lenses and care for them properly to protect their eye health.

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A Word of Caution on Costume Contacts

Halloween is our favorite spooky time of year, but we need to talk about the potential dangers of costume contact lenses… The right pair of colored lenses will make a great final touch to an amazing Halloween costume, but not all contact lenses are created equal, and we want to make sure our patients know what to look for and how to safely use their contacts.

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Halloween Contact Lenses

Everything you need to know about decorative special-effect contact lenses.Want to look like a vampire? Or show your support of your favorite professional sports team by wearing its logo on your eyes? You can do this and more with decorative special-effect contact lenses.Special-effect contacts — including black contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses and other “crazy” lenses — are soft contact lenses that are available for theatrical and novelty uses.

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