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Today’s eyes work very hard. People of all ages are using their near vision more than ever, especially with digital devices.

Digital Eye Stress (DES) is commonly known as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome (CVS). It encompasses a range of eye and vision-related issues arising from extended usage of digital devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and VR devices. According to the Cleveland Clinic, two out of three individuals may experience these symptoms after just two hours of exposure. Common symptoms of digital eye strain comprise:

Eye Discomfort: Individuals may experience discomfort, irritation, or a feeling of dryness in the eyes.

Headaches: Prolonged screen time can contribute to headaches, often located around the forehead or temples.

Blurred Vision: Extended periods of focusing on a digital screen may lead to temporary blurred vision.

Neck and Shoulder Pain: Poor ergonomics and improper screen positioning can cause discomfort in the neck and shoulder areas.

Difficulty Focusing: Concentrating on a screen for an extended time may result in difficulty focusing on objects at varying distances.

Sleep Disturbances: Exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens, especially before bedtime, can interfere with the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.


“Research shows that over 90% of patients have significant eye misalignment, causing headaches, neck pain and stiffness, discomfort with computer use, tired eyes, dry eyes, dizziness, lightheadedness, and light sensitivity.”

When we focus up close, the imbalance between comfortable vision and required vision can cause painful symptoms. One of the ways we address Digital Eye Strain caused by eye misalignment is with Neurolenses.

Neurolenses are the world’s first prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment and provide relief from these painful symptoms.

Neurolenses can be customized for every patient with or without prescription and in any type of frame. This special eyeglass lens will reduce the symptoms of hardworking eyes.

What are Neurolenses?

The Neurolens is a new technology that helps people who suffer from headaches, neck pain, eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and dizziness due to extended use of digital devices.

We get special measurements from the Neurolens measuring device that can be added to special glasses to reduce those symptoms and give you relief.

Who are candidates for Neurolenses?

The Neurolens measurement is a new addition to your traditional eye examination at Millennium Eye Center.

Anyone who suffers from any of the following symptoms should be screened with the Neurolens measuring device.

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Dry Eye Sensation
  • Motion Sickness

To determine if you are a candidate for Neurolens treatment, your eye doctor will use a breakthrough eye-tracking measurement device to accurately measure your degree of the eye misalignment.

During the exam, patients focus on a single point while a moving display of rotating planets and stars activates peripheral and central vision to measure distance and near eye alignment.

The Neurolens measurement is performed in under 3 minutes. If your result shows that your eyes are misaligned, your doctor will prescribe the Neurolenses for you.

How can I get started?

To see if you qualify for the Neurolens treatment, click on the button below to schedule your eye exam appointment today. To save you time at your appointment, please submit your Neurolens Lifestyle Index Survey online by clicking on this link Bit.ly/31xjrqe!

We look forward to seeing you real soon, and helping you maintain a healthy and pain-free 20/20 vision for life!

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