Eyecare Co-Management

What is Eyecare Co-Management? To provide caring vision solutions that enhance your life, we partner with other healthcare providers such as Ophthalmologists and primary care providers to ensure our mutual patients receive first-class eyecare services both preoperatively and postoperatively. These partnerships are made possible through a common practice known as co-management.

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What is Visual Acuity?

Visual Acuity is the measure of the eye’s ability to distinguish the smallest identifiable letter, symbol, details and shape. This measurement is usually given in a fraction unit at a distance of 20 feet. During an eye exam, your eye doctor uses visual acuity measurement to determine your eyeglasses prescription.

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Eye Exam Time

It’s never too early to schedule your comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Angela Love Washington at Millennium Eye Center. An eye exam is the best way to maintain a clear 20/20 vision for life.Schedule your appointment today! MillenniunEyeCenter.com

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Eye Emergency

Did you know that we treat eye emergencies?

If you or any of your family experiencing any the signs below, it’s to come see one of our eye doctors.

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Emergency

Feeling pain in the eye, vision loss, flashes or floaters, trauma, red or irritated eyes, foreign body or no vision correction?

For any question about eye emergencies, call us at 407-292-9812 to schedule an appointment or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.

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