Telemedicine means being able to see the doctor when and where you need care. It’s a great way to get the health care you need while practicing social distancing.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients, families, staff, and community. During COVID19 pandemic, we’re following the CDC recommendations to keep everyone safe. Knowing that you have the ability to connect with our Eye Doctors gives you the extra peace of mind you need.

There WILL be an Optometrist on call in the event of an emergency. Should you require emergency care, please call our office for an appointment as you normally would and one of our optometrists see you.

When you call your provider’s office for an appointment, tell us why you’d like to be seen. Eye emergencies include the following:

  • Light Sensitivity
  • Double vision
  • Flashes
  • Floaters
  • Loss of or Decrease in Vision
  • Veils, Curtains, Spider webs, Fog, etc.
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Pain
  • Foreign Body (Something in Eye)
  • Medication Issues

Doing our part to keep you safe

In our efforts to keep you and our team safe, we are pleased to announce that we’re now offering telehealth services!

From the comfort of your own home

You can now have the expertise advice of your trusted Millennium Eye Center doctors without ever leaving your home.

Our Telemedicine process is simple

Simply let our staff know that you are interested in a telehealth visit and we will then schedule an appointment for you.

Stay safe, stay well

At Millennium Eye Center, we’re concerned with the health and well-being of our patients, our families, our team, and our community. We wish all of you continued health and strength during this challenging time. Continue to follow the CDC recommendations to keep your family safe.

What your visit will look like

  • Call/text our office to schedule an appointment to see if your visit qualifies for a telehealth exam.
  • Medical history-One of our technicians or opticians will initiate contact to collect important medical history information for the doctor, for your visit. Expect a call within the next 60 minutes from your eye doctor, who will ask you more questions to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.
  • Before speaking with the doctor, Print your telehealth-visual-acuity-test and check your vision before signing into the virtual waiting room.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, you will be able to join our virtual waiting room through a link sent to you via email (recommended method), or via portal or mobile app.
  • The website is:

If, during the visit, the provider feels you need a follow-up exam in person, you will be scheduled accordingly.

How to get started

Call or text 407-292-9812 to schedule an appointment today!